Monday, October 22, 2007

One on One Basketball

There is hardly a participant out there that makes not like One on One basketball. I retrieve as a child playing in the driveway. Here is what was going on in my mind. The clock is down to 10 seconds. Kent have the ball on the wing. He confronts his adult male - One on One. He freezes his adult male with a jabbing step. 5..... 4..... 3......

Kent travels right past his adult male and consecutive to the hoop. 2......

Kent put the ball in. 1......... (Buzzer sounds!)

Kent have got just won the NBA Championships for the Hoosier State Pacers!

Ever been there?

I cognize that I have been in that scenario many times.

Keep reading. Below you will happen some basic tips on some 1 on one basketball game moves.

Some Basic Keys for One-on-One Moves

Definition: Jab Step - A short, speedy measure to one side of your opposition but towards the basket.

1. Jab and Go

Take a jabbing step. If the guardian makes not react, take the ball straight to the hoop. Drive a stopping point to the guardian as possible.

2. Rocker

Take a jabbing step. If the guardian reacts, pulling back for a leap shot.

3. Rocker and Go

Take a jabbing measure and stone back as if you are going to take a leap shot. As the guardian responds to your attempted shot, take the ball to the hoop.


Jab Measure Practice

Simply have got the participants work on their footwork without a defender. Practicing any footwork takes clip - but essential.

Static Defense Drill

Players are in braces - one discourtesy and one defense. Offense participant starts in a ternary menace place and carries the jabbing and go, the rocker and the rocker and travel at 1/2 speed. As footwork develops, the offense participant will get moving at 3/4 velocity and then full speed.

Emphasize: Protect the ball. Keep balance. A long and explosive first step.

Committed Defense Drill (Dummy Defense)

Players are in braces - One discourtesy and one defense. Defender custody the ball to the discourtesy who do a move immediately Defender responds leaving an opening. This electric drill conveys into unrecorded defence as soon as the discourtesy have dribbled.

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