Monday, July 9, 2007

The Race For The Top

A small longer than a twelvemonth ago, Jim Morrison and Reddick were two of the top participants in College basketball. Adam Jim Morrison was a forward for the Bulldogs and was compared by some to Larry Bird. He was a great scorer and taw and had the size. On the other hand, Reddick is a shot guard for Duke with a complete offense arsenal. There was argument as to who the top scorer was.

Morrison played on a good squad but some questioned his ability to mark against tougher players. Would he be able to musculus his manner through like he did in college? Some felt that he was a atrocious defensive attitude participant and that he was a spot slow. Reddick was deemed soft and not able to make a shot by himself. They felt that he lacked a spot of size and that he was not strong on driving. However, let's not bury that these were the top two college participants at the time.

The top were cervix to cervix but both suffered dissatisfactory losings in the NCAA tournament. Jim Morrison allow a game that was in his custody travel and Reddick was atrocious in his concluding game. He was not able to hit a shot and was not good at all. The manner these participants exited did not assist their claim to be a top pick. Jim Morrison was selected with the 3rd overall choice by the Bobcats who felt that he was a proved scorer. The Orlando Magic with the 11th choice selected Reddick. Some felt that Jim Morrison was about right but others felt that Reddick went a small high. People felt that he was not able to play the NBA game.

Reddick did not see much action as a cub but Jim Morrison did. He did drama well for the first calendar month or so but went into mediocre shot exhibitions. He shot poorly showing a different side to him. However, people still have got their hopes and experience that he can come up back much better adjacent year. The Bobcats squad have also added Jason Richardson, a high spot participant who will complement Jim Morrison nicely. Orlando have added Rashard Jerry Lee Lewis and with Dwight Howard, things look good for their fans. Maybe Reddick will acquire his opportunity to shine. The two have got been rivals since college but it have never died. They still check up on up on the other to see how they are doing.

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