Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to Play One On One Basketball

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, many people find that playing one on one basketball is the most enjoyable. When you play against one other player, your only focus is to stop him and to score as many points. It can be fun because you can see where you are weak in, where you are strong in and how that other player resembles you. It is faced pace and usually quick. However, there are certain things that should be done when playing. These things can help elevate your game.

Here are several key things that you should do on the court:

1) Always be close to your man: When you play defense, do not be scared to get close because it is something good defensive players do. If you are close, you are able to block a shot or at least alter the shot. This way when the player drives, you are able to stick with them and you can also jump when they shoot a jump shot.

2) Always hustle: When you are on the offensive or not, if you hustle and try to make plays, you will beat the other player. You have to run for loose balls, you have to be aggressive on the rebounds because these plays can help you in the game. If you lack the desire, then you won't play at your potential.

3) Always keep your opponent guessing: When you play, you can drive or shoot in many ways. If you keep abusing the same tactics, it will be easy to guess what the next move will be. This is why you need to mix up drives, shots and more so that nothing is a good guess.

4) Always go for a good shot: Whether you are open or not, you have to create a shot that has a good chance of making it in. Do not shoot something that will easily be blocked. If you are open, ask yourself, can you drive for a better shot? Shooting open jump shots is a good idea.

5) Contest every shot: This cannot be said enough. At times, if you are tired, it can seem pointless to contest the shot because it may not go in. If you do not contest the shots, your opponent will score at will leaving you with more work to make up if you want to win.

6)Work the ball inside: When you have the ball in your hands, you should make an attempt to get a easy shot. If you cannot, then shoot a jump shot which can be done at the beginning of your possession.

7) Play in a good defensive position: If you are on defense, you should bend your knees, lower your body a little, face your opponent and put your hands up. This way you can go for a jump shot and a drive.

8) Fake and protect: When you are on the offensive, you should always fake if you can. If you fake, you can create an open shot that would have been blocked or played tightly. You can make your shot really count if you mix and match until you like the shot you have. When you drive and have the ball, always try to protect with your body and other arm. By doing this, it will prevent steals which can lead to easy shots.

9) Do not do any too fancy: When playing, if you are serious about winning, do not do fancy things that can lead to missed shots.

10) Set goals: When playing, keep track of what is happening. Make adjustments, and make needed actions for the next game.

Playing basketball is fun but remember to do the above and to be in top condition.

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